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Jennifer Bowen obtained a Bachelors in Global Studies with a Minor in Religion and an emphasis in International Relations from Azusa Pacific University in 2000.  Following college, she volunteered two years with Americorps working with homeless. After completing Americorp she spent a year of volunteerism in Brazil with adolescents from the local favela (slum) where she lived. Jennifer completed a Masters in Social Work at California State University, Los Angeles in 2008 and became licensed in 2014. Jennifer has experience working in community mental health as a Clinical Supervisor where she assisted staff with their professional growth as clinicians. She has worked with various populations from infant mental health to hospice.  


Individual Therapy: Jennifer primarily treats people enduring the pains of depression and anxiety in daily living, relationships, and work.  She helps people discover the source of their problem and then sandwiches it together with ways to manage distress such as;  coping skills, body awareness, and self management. 

Family Therapy: Jennifer provides a practical space for the whole family to meet and work through issues as a unit. Family therapy is not limited to any issue and can address child defiance, loss, divorce, parent discord, grandparent communication, et. She acts as a liaison for communication, instills skills for listening, and prompts love and understanding.

Jennifer also specializes in treating families that foster and adopt. She is well versed in the system and welcomes the up/down emotions that go along with the journey of a child being placed or removed. She can assist with your needs that come along whether it is grief, loss, frustration, or joy. 

Parenting: Jennifer can help you understand your child as whole and respect them with parenting.  She promotes consistent communication, healthy boundaries, and predictable love and care. 

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